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A Little Something Different

A Little Something Different

There have been some developments over the past few months that you may have noticed.
For a while now I have been prioritizing my time to other areas of the business which has, in turn, pulled me from other areas. Now, this is something I have been trying to work on, alas, I am but one woman. So I have been reflecting on things. And I want to try a little something different.

So, What Is Going On?

Right now, there are too many ideas floating around my head for the business. And not enough time to implement them all! So one thing I have been lacking is writing more on the website. I want to change this. Make them more personal and less “sales” like. So I hope you don’t mind having more waffling about products and industry-related content.

The next one is carrying on sharing offers for registered customers, Gift Box Subscribers, SmuttyFans members, etc.
Now I know that you all have been enjoying the offers currently, but did you know that you can get even more if you are a registered customer or Gift Box Subscriber? I know not many people know about this, so I want to change it.

Not to mention, over the past few years, there have been quite a few of my older posts on my social media profiles that people have flagged. And so, I have been uninterested in sharing the latest offers because someone doesn’t like to see them. Although to see them, you have to search for the page…? Yeah, you are probably as confused as I am!

Things Moving Forward

I have made the decision to stop trying to implement so many of these ideas that are floating in my head, and start off small because there is only 1 person running this show! Tada!! Yes, ladies and gents, Bedroom Taboo is a solo act.
So I thank you for being super patient with me over the years, being there through the ups and downs, as well as enjoying all of the goodies that are being shared.

Right now, there are going to be a few things changing around here. First, get back to sharing more online. This part you would expect to be the easier part, right? Well… it depends where I post on social media. Adult content isn’t so well received. And there are many trolls that seem to get off on blocking pages rather than just using a sex toy! Yes, they are THOSE kinds of people. But as for my own website, they have no control over what is posted here. So to be kept in the loop, feel free to become a Registered Customer. I can share more “reserved” posts, not so exciting I know, So you can be informed that there is something to watch out for. But you can be a great help here too! Feel free to follow on social media and interact with the posts. Whether it’s a like, sharing or commenting. It all helps out, in the end, reach those who will want to see it.

So, that is it for now. We shall see how it all goes moving on from here. Fingers crossed that is!

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