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Adult Industry Workers Essentials

Bedroom Taboo are avid supporters of the adult industry and wish to support adult sex workers whether big stars or local. We want you to keep you stocked up on your essentials and give you a 20% discount on your order. (Excludes selected sales and eGift Cards. Min Spend £39.99. UK only.)
Because Pleasure Shouldn’t Be a Taboo.

Ensure that you are always fully stocked and ready for work by joining our Essentials List. Get your order shipped regularly, change as and when you wish or just order on and off. Discreet delivery.

If you want to be added to our Essentials List, please contact us with details that show you are a sex worker to qualify. Use the form below. Then all you need to do is choose whether you want to have a regular order set up or just a one-time order. You will receive a special code exclusive to our List members that can be used on our website. Regular orders are sent via invoice with the discount added. Once paid, your order shall be on its way to you ASAP.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter and share what goodies you have received from us. Create your own Wishlist and let your clients buy them for you or let them buy you an eGift Card. Just ask them to tag your Twitter account or email address to have your gift sent straight to you! No other details are needed.

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Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be