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Bedroom Taboo 6 Years On…

Before I started Bedroom Taboo, I was curious as to the concept of sex toys. Getting dressed up, being daring and generally exploring more of myself and partners in and out of the bedroom.
How things have changed 6 Years On.

From The Beginning

I had questions like everyone else. So, I did as any other person does, shopped online and brought a sex toy! Thinking that would answer some of these questions. Yes, it was cheap. Yes, it was robotic. And yes… I hated using it! It was at that point that I thought that maybe toys are not for me. I enjoy my partner more than some plastic mechanical cock shaped thing sitting in my knicker drawer.

There was no one to give any advice, no one to ask how I like to play. No guidance at all. Which I found to be sad to experience. In my early 20’s enjoying life and wanting to explore more of myself.
I started diving into the World Wide Web for answers and potential questions I may have.

What toys should I buy?
Can I use them with my partner?
How do I enjoy pleasure?
Where can I go to find the right toys for myself and my partner?
How can I spice up the bedroom without making my partner feel inadequate?

Bedroom Taboo

There was much I had to learn and the internet is full of information. And it just fueled my curiosity more yet, left me with more questions than answers.

Starting Out

After a conversation with a friend, I was introduced to creating an online business. There were loads of ways to become your own boss and this intrigued me. So, more research into getting started.
I had no idea what to do, where to go, how to get started, what my business would be!
I thought that sex toys would be a little too much to start off with, so I got myself set up selling lingerie. My business wasn’t known as Bedroom Taboo in the beginning. Just selling lingerie at the time it was called a different name at the start. The website was a simple template, dropship in place and all that was needed to do was to advertise the business. So I got onto social media and created my profiles.

I soon found my business email was starting to fill up with curious people asking questions about lingerie sizes, whether I would be selling sex toys… I was quite taken aback about what people were asking me and I was not sure how to take it actually. But it did highlight something that I noticed when shopping online – There wasn’t anywhere you could get answers to certain questions. And not many people could answer them let alone be able to take your questions!

This I Want To Change

Taking my lack of knowledge, I tried to answer some of these questions as open-minded as possible. If I couldn’t help out too much, I would try to find someone or somewhere I could point them in the right direction to help them better.
Researching things and giving people advice on products that I sell, also helped me gain knowledge for my business and myself. As I got more curious, the more I was eager to feed it. Those questions that in the beginning, I started to answer myself. I found some of these answers I couldn’t find on the internet, but find out by myself. About myself.
The revelation was so thrilling! I was soon hooked on what I found out and wanted others to be able to find things out about themselves intimately too. Sooner rather than later. So I added sex toys to my business and I started to share my experiences with customers.


Despite having some personal difficulties and closing my business down, I ended up chatting with a few people about it, how I missed running my business and the ideas I had about growing. They wondered why I didn’t just start again. You may as well do something you enjoy!
So, starting from scratch, I reinvented my business and Bedroom Taboo was born. June 2013. No website, No business email. Just a Facebook Page. I soon started to research how to get my business going, how much it would cost to create my own website, ways to advertise online, creating offers etc.
I thoroughly enjoy coming up with the creative side of the business. Creating new offers, memes etc., chatting and meeting people on social media within the adult industry, helping customers with questions, choosing the right product, giving them guidance on their intimate needs. Something I didn’t have when I first started shopping around.

Bumps In The Road

As with any business, there are always going to be ups and downs. But I was determined that this time around, I wouldn’t give up. There can be times where it sometimes seems like something is trying to stop you from achieving your goals or progressing further. Just ride with it, put plans on hold to get over that hump and keep pushing towards your goals. Because that road eventually gets smoother the longer you ride along with it.

Happy Birthday To Me

Bedroom Taboo 6 Years On

Cannot believe that 6 years on, despite the struggles of running a business, things are on the up!
I have been to events, ceremonies, met some lovely people and even done a live interview on Rose Talks Sex radio show. I support them every week through Patreon and on Periscope so feel free to join us for adult news and banter. Also, being a supporter of Sex Workers in the industry, I am giving all sex workers exclusive discounts on their orders online. Feel free to Contact Us to find out more.
Finally made a home for Bedroom Taboo online and have plans for the future. That is all down to the support from our customers and friends within the industry.

I Thank You

To you, our avid fans, I thank you for the ongoing support through all these years. Shopping with Bedroom Taboo, liking our posts, sticking with us 6 years on and enjoying a natter is all your way of showing your support. Cannot wait for you all to see more plans to unfold and join me on this journey.
Here is to the future.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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