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Behind The Scenes #02 – Behind Bedroom Taboo

So finally did it… Cannot believe it!
You got to finally meet the face behind Bedroom Taboo exclusively on The Charlotte Rose Show on Monday 19th March. And I thoroughly enjoyed being on the show.

Not to say there weren’t any nerves – I have been hiding behind my business logo for years now but knowing that the adult industry can be very hidden, I want to make a change. So get to meet the owner of Bedroom Taboo. Me!
This has been years in the making so to finally have the opportunity to be interviewed is a huge step for any business. And for me especially since this is the first time being in the limelight.
Please check out the show below and let us know what you think of finally getting to meet me.
Have a question for us!? Contact Us or Charlotte Rose directly to ask live on the show.

Cannot believe I did it. I said yes to an interview and giving a face behind Bedroom Taboo!!
Do hope you enjoyed and get to join us all on the live chat every Monday 9pm-11.30pm UK time. Can’t wait to catch you there!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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