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Behind The Scenes #03 – New Website

At long last, Behind The Scenes is back..!
There has been some development since late last year, well we are here for one! lol. What do you think of the new website? Much more professional I hope.
Huge plans and ideas being put together for the coming New Year and would love for you to join in.

#OnlyFans Perks #BedroomTaboo #AdultToys #SexToys #AdultBiz

#OnlyFans Perks

Now subscribers can get added extras along with our goodies on offer every month as well as throwing ideas around for offers to be shared at later date. So ensure you join us.

So it has been a little while since launching the new website. What do you think? Have you created your profile yet? I am wanting to create more goodies for our members as well so ensure you have joined up as to not miss out. The ideas are flowing so stick with us!

There are quite a few adult exhibits and shows going on this year and I would love to meet some of my followers and customers there! If you wish to meet me in person then feel free to share your support on social media. The more support you show, the better chance Bedroom Taboo can do meet and greets.

I have started to work alongside Sex Workers in the UK sharing their business posts to potential clients and ensuring they can keep stock of essentials. If you are an Adult Worker and want to know more, please Contact Us for details.

I have hit 2019 running full speed and hope you can keep up. Ensure you stick around, share your input and enjoy “the ride”.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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