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Behind The Scenes #04 – Our Website

Behind The Scenes

Ok, so we have been super quiet lately.
That is because there have been loads going on during Feb. One huge thing is our website! Please be nice as super nervous about it being built and going live.
Here is what’s going on Behind The Scenes.

I have aimed for our website to be functional and clean. Wanted simplicity to attract you to the main features of the site and you can now have your wishlist and your customer details safely stored on the site.
The shop side is still being added to so thank you for your patience. If you are looking for anything specific, feel free to contact us so we can help you with your shopping during this time. Always happy to help out with any queries.

Customers now have their own profile where you can find all your details, create your own Wishlist and share it with your partner or lover. ensure that you get exactly what you want!

So it is officially up and running..! Feeling super about finally having a home for Bedroom Taboo. So hope you enjoy browsing through the new features and let us know what you would love to see! Ensure you Tweet us, we would love to hear your thoughts.
See you in the next Behind The Scenes.

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