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Behind The Scenes #05 – Adult Industry

April is one of the busiest months on the website.
It’s great! Love getting all the offers out there for you to enjoy and you sharing your ideas what you would love to see on sale, as well as interacting with people within the Adult Industry. But what else has been going on Behind The Scenes??

There are more products added to the shop, it is still a long haul getting them added so thank you for your patience. Contact us if you are after anything specific that may not be listed yet.
Sexpo UK is nearly upon us and we are excited to be able to attend Fri 12th – Sun 14th July. If you see a set of purple lips walk by, feel free to say hi!
The Rose Talks Sex radio show we support has been growing from strength to strength, also their times are changing from 9pm-11pm to 8pm-11pm BST Mondays. So ensure you join us for adult banter, games, interviews and news within the sex industry. They have some huge plans coming up and very excited to be able to support them throughout. They are also supported by many wonderful people in the adult industry, full list on their Twitter and Website.

As we hit the ground running at the start of the year, it has only got better as the days roll on. And it wouldn’t be as fun without you, thank you for your support.
Cannot wait for more adventures to come and to have you come along!

Catch you in the next Behind The Scenes!!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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