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Behind The Scenes #07 – Throwing Ideas Around

Behind The Scenes

So it’s the summer holidays for us in the UK. Kids are off, parents are entertaining and enjoying the warmth of our British Summer. Yes, rain. LOL.
But with all this heat and humidity, it has brain cells ticking over somewhat. So right now, I am throwing ideas around.

Right now, there is a pinned post that you can vote and comment your thoughts on the latest idea. Please share with others so we can get plenty of input and give you the most from your experience shopping with us.

Throwing Ideas

2020 may seem far away, but there is plenty to look forward to! We need to get next years calendar out and start pencilling in events that we want to attend.
If you know of an event you think would be of interest, feel free to comment below or Tweet us. We are always happy to meet new people within the adult industry and would love to mee you, our customers.

We love your input when it comes to ideas for offers, what you would like to see on our website, throwing ideas or just want to say hi, so feel free to Contact Us.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

Please Share Your Thoughts!

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