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Combatting Boredom

As March is over with, (thank goodness!) we are starting to adjust to what seems to be the new norm. But as you know, it can be quite boring when you are stuck indoors. Worse when you are being told what to do! But fear not! Here are just a few things you can do to pass the time.

Playing Games

Yes, you will find that after so much TV, you will be wanting something more “stimulating” to occupy your time. So how about some fun games? There are many that you can play. Whether it’s a board game or something you can create yourself. Get that imagination (and your body) going in a creative and stimulating way.

Role play is very popular. And props are always a must when you play a Plumber or Head Mistress. This is the best time to create that outfit, order those props you need and perform for your lover.

Virtual Interactions

We all have a profile online. Whether with family and friends or with total strangers with a common interest. having social interaction in one way or another keeps us mentally grounded. So, pick up that phone or open that browser and start chatting! Enjoy face to face web chat. Physical distance doesn’t mean we are apart. Technology has progressed so much that we take it for granted. It is available for times like this. Embrace it!

Treat Yourself!

The world as we know it has become very different. We all have had to adapt and uncertainties are always lingering in the air. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. Pleasure helps you feel good and pass the time! Whether you have had your eye on that pair of shoes, want to try a new toy in the bedroom or just want something sweet.

The Great Outdoors

Yes, we know that we are all in Lockdown, but we are allowed 1 outdoor exercise a day. Walking the dog or jog. But the garden isn’t out of bounds! So mow that garden and trim that bush!

As the world outside changes, we can adapt.
Please stay home, stay safe. Feel free to chat with us at any time. We are here to help ease those lonely, anxious times. Together.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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