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Delivery Updates – UK & International

Since mid-March 2020, the world has been on lockdown due to Covid-19. This, of course, has had an impact on deliveries locally and internationally.
I have been lucky to have such close contact with my wholesaler and being able to keep local deliveries open. All be it, slower than normal. But our international deliveries have suffered due to the world being locked down.

Recently, I have received some news about international deliveries. Orders normally get transported on passenger flights. Which is more cost-effective for our wholesaler, myself as a business and our customers. I have recently opened deliveries to the EU and planned to open up to the world.
With lockdown, passenger flights obviously have stopped. But essential flights for deliveries are still running.

Now, as the world starts to adjust and open up to a new norm, people are moving around more. But flights are still running essentials only. So, for our customers overseas to get their orders, their deliveries would have to be sent on a private delivery flight which would ultimately cost triple the price that it would be normally.
As a small business, I try hard to keep costs low and right now, I do not find it fair to pass the delivery cost over to our customers if I can maybe hold back for a little while longer and wait for the world to open up properly.

I hope that you can understand this decision and I thank you for your patience at this moment in time.
Things might be difficult right now but they are changing for the better. I will keep you updated with more details and please, stay safe.

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