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Getting To Know You

So, love is in the air. And you are either going on your first date or the 10th date with your partner. But how well do you want to know them?!
And don’t mean favourite colour or if they scratch their butt all day. To really know them intimately, you should ask some questions.

  • What is the craziest thing you have done in the bedroom department? (We say department because it doesn’t have to be in the bedroom!)
  • Would you ever want to try something new? (Don’t expect an answer if it’s your first date. But if they are happy to answer, maybe ask what it could be.)
  • Is porn a factor in your sex life? (Now this one for ladies can be frowned upon. Believe me when I say that porn can be implemented if the mood is right!)
  • If you had £1000 to spend at a sex store (Bedroom Taboo ;-)) what would you go for and why? (This can be a great way to really get to know the person. Whether they are experienced with toys etc. or if they have no idea but would like to give it a go.)
  • Use your own questions that suit the situation. (This one is key! The situation might not even warrant these questions being asked. But if you want to find out how they like it and share how you like it, whether its a first date or a long term relationship, this can be very helpful to open up about such things.)

Now I don’t suggest to go straight into these questions, judge the situation and current mood. If you find the date is feeling a tad stale, it can be a great way to get the smile back on their face and conversation flowing again. The conversation doesn’t have to be dirty, sharing what you want to do to them is a bit too much. Let them lead the conversation using such questions can entice a little and give a hint of what you are interested in. Just don’t go for all the questions at once, mingle them between normal everyday questions. Ensure that you don’t come off too eager for their undies!

And guys, showing you are interested in what the lady is into is a huge turn on! But you need to make sure you take notes. Nothing worse than talking about something and then, later on, showing you did not pay attention at all! Oops.

Ensure you have fun this month, Whether it be just on Valentine’s Day or every day of the year. Keep the flames burning and those sheets steaming!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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