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Happy Holidays From Us To You

Happy Holidays Bitmoji

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Christmas!!! Yes! The tree isn’t up, gifts are wrapped and glitter is all around. And 2020 is almost over. Phew!!

This past year has been something else, truly. There has been uncertainty, worry, scares and loss. But alongside that, we have found unity, triumph and community.
And yet, there have been some ups to go with the downs during this year. And I want to personally thank you, our loyal customers, followers and fans, for sticking with us. Giving us a reason to carry on, keep pushing and ensuring that some form of normality is in place. For us as well as for yourselves.

Over The Festive Period

I will be taking a well deserved break, from 24th Dec – 3rd Jan. Last christmas orders are sent out 20th Dec and all orders placed during this time will be processed but not as quickly as normal. Please bare this in mond when placing your orders or emailing as I am officially on holiday.

Closure For Christmas 2020

Let’s Get Personal

So, I want to get a little personal here.
you might have noticed that over the past few months, that things might have lacked around here. And I have to come clean. I have been slowly losing my way… Sad to admit, but in order to come to terms with things, I have to admit it to myself as well as apologise to you. I am sorry for steering off track as of late, but I am getting myself back ready for 2021!

This year started out super! I had plans, I had ideas, I had drive! Then obviously, things got in the way. And so did my head. So I want to get back to my roots. Back to when Bedroom Taboo first started off. Engaging with you on a personal level.

Bedroom Taboo was started up with giving that personal shopping experience at the forefront of my business. And I want to keep that going. So, I want to start things off with more personal social media posts and blogs. Get back to the heart of Bedroom Taboo.

Social Media Struggles

As of late, there have been quite a few times I have been discouraged to post on my business social media, due to the fact that my posts have been getting flagged for adult content. Despite them either having no private parts on show or even any pictures of a product or a body! But as my business is associated with the adult industry (and an active supporter), there have been some posts flagged and removed. So I have started to move more towards Fanbaits and here, on my website. Here is where no one can censor my business content and you can have full access to everything on offer!

So come along and follow us here on the website or on Fanbaits. Let’s enjoy some adult time without judgement.

Because Pleasure Shouldn’t Be

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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