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Hoppin’ Mad Event 2020

Hoppin Mad Event

Our annual Hoppin’ Mad Event is nearly upon us.
Every month we have oodles of goodies on offer for you, to tease n entice you. But in April, we have even more added daily/weekly just so spring is well and truly sprung!

So what’s different this year?

We always have offers on our website every month. Whether it’s our Monthly Offers, Customer Exclusives or our Annual Sales Events. But this year, we want to do something different. We need you!
We need you to share your Wishlists with us and we will add them to our Hoppin’ Mad Event. Yes, this year, you can get everything you want to buy at huge discounts!! So there isn’t a better time to get your Wishlists to come true.

If you are not sure what to add? Check out my Wishlist or simply browse the Shop. There are more products being added weekly so ensure you take a gander.

What do I need to do?

  • Simply register/login to your account.
  • Browse the Shop and click Add To Wishlist.
  • Go to your Dashboard and click Wishlist.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Share On icon.
  • Share your Wishlist link with us and hashtag #HoppinMad.

Then await our Hoppin’ Mad Event posts throughout April. You can easily subscribe and get notified as soon as posts are published. So you can never miss out on that sweet scent of a bargain!

Every year, the business has grown from strength to strength. And we want you to become more involved. So feel free to share your ideas with us, what you would like to see more of. Not many companies want customer input unless it’s a review. And even then, not many actually take them on board.
But we want to do things differently.

Cannot want to hear your ideas and grant your Wishlists! Hope to hear from you soon.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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