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Love Yourself

February is the month of love, St. Valentine himself! And all your love birds out there are sharing as much love as you can to your other partners. But what of the singletons out there? How about love yourself more??

Well, ladies? You are in luck!
Galentine’s Day – Created by a man who directed a US TV series Parks and Recreation Feb 11th 2010. The story consisted of a female character and her boyfriend wanting to reunite her mother with her teenage flame.
Now it is celebrated for Ladies Celebrating Ladies. Where you can gather your gal pals around for a day of sharing the love for each other. Whether you have a partner or not!

The downside to this is, there doesn’t seem to be a male version for the day. But I say if the ladies are doing it, why not the guys! Get those drinks in and get the boys over for a laugh a minute!

And those who wish to share the love on their own… We suggest that you buy yourself some chocs, order that pizza, get that bottle of bubbly and whip out those toys! Get yourself all loved up with your body and get messy!

Another day that everyone can celebrate Satisfied Staying Single Day – 11th Feb. Let everyone know how happy you are to be single and love yourself! Many brag about saving money on Valentine’s Day whereas others prefer to be happy with their single selves.

However you are celebrating this month, enjoy it as much as possible!

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