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Offers Group Raffle

Exciting times ahead! And we want you to join in!!
We have had an Offers Group for time and want to give you even more for your money! But alas, Facebook doesn’t allow raffles. So you have a chance to get in on the action via our very own website.

Feel free to join our group and follow the posts. There will be pictures of upcoming raffle prizes and get to share what you would love to see on offer. Then all you have to do is wait for the blog of the latest raffle, follow the instructions and a winner will be chosen!
And don’t think you have to be in the group to join in the raffles… You just have more say as to what you want to see as the next prize in the group.

  • Raffle numbers and price will be stated on each raffle post.
  • Email or DM your chosen numbers.
  • Once all numbers are gone, payment shall be requested and received via CirclePay within 7 days.
  • Once payments are received, a winner will be chosen.
  • Excludes any other offers on the website.
  • If payments are not received, the raffle will close and remaining payments refunded.

Remember, if you weren’t able to win and want to just buy the prize then feel free!
There are heaps of goodies on offer and added extras for those qualifying orders. So you are never left out!
Good Luck!

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