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Out With The Old…!

So, it is finally the New Year. 
The holidays come and go too quickly! And holiday blues can set in rather quickly as well. So we are happy to get those blues thrown out of the window and get stuck into some brand new goodies. So Out With The Old.
We have some great plans coming in the future, hope you can join us along this incredible journey!

As you all know well, January means New Years Resolutions, getting fit, eating clean… The usual boring stuff. 
Well, we have a different resolution to give you – Out With The Old!
Go through your naughty drawer and throw out those half-used lubricants, search for ‘Old Faithful’ and get in touch with us about getting a new one and 10% off your replacement item. Nice incentive to get your year started right. And for your own health, you should always throw out open perishables after they have been sat for too long.

It is also a great time to try something brand new. Never used rope before? Always wanted to play in the bathroom? How about chatting with us about trying something new this New Year.

As many of you don’t know, we have been on OnlyFans for a while now and now we are amping our page for subscribers. Enjoy chatting with fellow members and myself, inside scoop on ideas and products before anyone else and much more! To get in on the action the subscription is $4.99 (£3.50 roughly) a month.

Hope to see you there.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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