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September Monthly Offers 2019

Sexual Health Awareness Week is upon us this month. And as much as you should enjoy yourself, you should also make sure you play safe. As we always promote this.
Play safe and enjoy yourself with September Monthly Offers 2019.

Sexual Health
Awareness Week

To help raise awareness of sexual health we have a 15% discount on all Condoms, Lubricants & Oils throughout September.

Use the code ‘safeplay’ at the checkout.

Get this FREE when you spend £50+ this month.
Use code ‘kisso’ at checkout.

Spend £100+ this month and get this FREE.
Use code ‘cosmic’ at checkout.

Sale on New I Rub My Duckie Collection.
Check out Offers.

Enjoy a new pleasure experience with the Renegade Vibrating Head Unit.

Cannot believe September is here already!! And too much to cram into the month already…
Be sure you follow us on Social Media to keep up with more offers shared. And if you want to share your ideas for what you want to see on sale, feel free to contact us.
Enjoy September Monthly Offers 2019.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be