Bathmate Hydrodouche Advanced Shower Douche System


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Bathmate Hydrodouche Advanced Shower Douche System.

Now you can shower and cleanse at the same time with Bathmate’s first generation hydraulic shower douche. Made from bulletproof plastic with a gravity-fed system that gives complete control over water pressure, the Hydrodouche leads the way in innovation. Designed by award-winning engineers, the Hydrodouche design is based on an innate understanding of the human body, hydraulics and pressure.

Instead of fixing to the showerhead, it hangs under the flow of water for effective douching whilst you shower, which means no more standing in the cold to cleanse! With an extra-long, flexible multi direction nozzle, it offers a 360 degree clean and is suitable for both shallow and deep cleansing. The built-in flow regulator and unique gravity fed system also gives you complete control over water pressure and temperature. Suitable for use with any shower connector, this hydraulic douche can be used at home or away, wherever you go in the world.

Plus, the high-quality medical-grade plastic Lexan is bulletproof, adding to the robust, lifetime guarantee on all parts of your Hydrodouche. How to use your Hydrodouche in 4 easy steps. 1 Hang the Hydrodouche from your shower using the reinforced strap 2 Fill the chamber with water 3 Using the flow regulator to set your desired stream speed 4 Always remember to place the wand to the wand holder when not in use to keep it away from contaminates.

Your Bathmate Hydrodouche Advanced Shower Douche System includes:
Adjustable securing strap Mounting bracket
Hydro Wand holder
Hydro chamber
Chamber connector
Hose Flow regulator
Hydro Wand connector
Hydro Wand

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