Vibrating Farmers Fruits Corncob


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Vibrating Farmers Fruits Corncob.
The amazing feeling of this fun and funky vibrator from You2Toys means that, despite its innocuous appearance, you will be left feeling anything but corny after giving it a go!

Using the satisfying smooth yet bumpy texture of corn provides a truly unique and unparalleled experience. Measuring in at 8 inches, there is no doubt that this quirky vibrator is not just an amusing novelty, but a serious vibrator. A tapered end ensures perfect penetration and a ride that gets increasingly satisfying as you get further into it.

The kernelled texture of this vibrator feels incredible inside and outside of the vagina. And the shape of this product means it can deliver precise, tingling vibrations to the clitoris. With simple, built-in controls, you can select the ideal speed setting to fulfill your desires. Without interrupting your experience.

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