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The Purple Sale 2018

It is that time of the year when we have our Annual 4-Day Sale.

20% Discount from 23rd – 26th November. (Excludes Selected Sales, eGift Cards and party Packs) On top of this sale, we have select products that have up to 35% off! And if they are over £35+ you get FREE delivery! So what is there not to love!??

Have you got your eye on something on our website and would love it to be on sale this weekend? Then feel free to email us at [email protected] and ensure you follow us on Facebook to see if you are able to order your dream toy at a huge discount!

We are also running a Facebook Event for our 4-day sale. The guest list is hidden so you can snoop as much as you like and no one will know you are there! Unless you don’t mind being seen so comment and like away!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be
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Happy 5th Birthday, Bedroom Taboo!

Cannot believe we have made it, 5 years…
Happy 5th Birthday!!

It has been a rollercoaster for sure. Thankfully more ups than downs and that is thanks to you all our fans, followers and customers. So this year has already got off to a great start. And the main thing is your support throughout the whole time.
Well, Bedroom Taboo finally put a face to the business.

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Behind The Scenes #02 – Behind Bedroom Taboo

So finally did it… Cannot believe it!
You got to finally meet the face behind Bedroom Taboo exclusively on The Charlotte Rose Show on Monday 19th March. And I thoroughly enjoyed being on the show.

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Who We Work With

Over the years I have had the special privilege of meeting some outgoing and amazing people in the adult industry. From curious shoppers and fetish freaks to bloggers, reviewers and product creators. But these three we are especially lucky to work alongside and here we get to introduce them to you.

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Getting To Know You

So, love is in the air. And you are either going on your first date or the 10th date with your partner. But how well do you want to know them?!
And don’t mean favourite colour or if they scratch their butt all day. To really know them intimately, you should ask some questions.

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