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June Monthly Offers 2021

June Monthly Offers

Happy 8th Birthday, Bedroom Taboo!!
Yes, it has been 8 years since I first started up. And I have got to say, it has been fun! So this year, like every birthday, you have a chance of winning our Birthday Giveaway! Ensure you join SmuttyFy, follow our page, and check out how you could win.
Here is a just taste of our June Monthly Offers 2021.

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May Monthly Offers 2021

May Monthly Offers

Cannot believe that it is #InternationalMasturbationMonth! So there are plenty of reasons to please yourself. Enjoy some of the goodies this month and share what you enjoy.
Here is a just taste of our May Monthly Offers 2021.

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April Means Only One Thing

I cannot believe that it is finally here…
Our annual #HoppinMadEvent is here and in full swing! And there are some delicious offers just for you.

So, where have you been??

I have been a little quiet over the past few days. Feeling generally under the weather after my jab. Which is said to happen. So had to take time to recover and eventually gain some energy to tackle things again. And yes, I know that sitting in front of a laptop isn’t strenuous but when you run a business, it is more mental as well as physical. Which is sad to say, I have been itching to get on here and get planning offers and send our posts. But my body would say “Sorry, but nope!”. But I am back and feeling more myself again.

April Showers…

Plans for the business hasn’t changed for me this month. Can be honest in saying, things are on track. But as the world is starting to ease restrictions, I have been wanting to plan a few outings with family and friends. To find that the weather for the Easter Holidays are less than pleasent. Why does the UK weather have to remind us its not Malta and give us the chance of SNOW!??
Lucky for me, I can change my plans so catch up on work while the weather shows up its dark side. And I will peek through my curtains to see if it is warm enough to walk outdoors again.

Wanting to experiment more

So having a few days off has given me too much time to think over ideas. Not that has ever stopped honestly! But there are some ideas that I want to check out and experiment. So this could mean that a few things on the website might not work as it should. Simply email to let me know! But should only be for a short time while I check things out, see if my ideas work and maybe share them with you all. So stay tuned! While my mind stops wondering, and starts creating!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be
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April Monthly Offers 2021

April Monthly Offers

It’s official! The bunnies are hoppin’ and the chocolates are being scoffed as we speak! There are going to be plenty of goodies for you to choose from. So make sure that your bank account is ready for the cart at the checkout.
Here is a just taste of our April Monthly Offers 2021.

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