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January Monthly Offers 2022

January Monthly Offers

Happy New Year you naughty lot!!
I know, it has been a little while since the last post. But I assure you, there has been more going on behind the scenes than a little! And to say that the holidays were well and truly needed, would be an understatement!
This year is time for reinventing, rejuvenating and room for discovery. So January is the best time to browse our shop and enjoy.
Here is a just taste of our January Monthly Offers 2022.

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Truly Spooky

Hello all!
I know, it feels like it’s been a while since I have chatted on here. There has been too much background work going on and not enough time to truly sit down and share things with you. And at long last, I am here!

SpookFest Is Here!

We have literally got a few weeks until Halloween is here. with the world finally back to “normal”, we can enjoy ourselves and celebrate! So this month there is 10% off all Fantasy Range. So enjoy a discount and get Spooky!
Also, there are plenty of other goodies added weekly. There is always something good to catch your eye, so let others know if there is an offer that seems too good to be true!

Belle’s Secrets Locktober

Along with our own offers that are on this month, I have teamed up with Belle’s Secrets and we are hosting Locktober.
Enjoy the ravishing feeling of being locked up and owned this month with 10% off all Male Chastity and Cock & Ball Bondage. Please share pics of your purchases and use #Locktober on Twitter. I am sure that Mistress Chrystelle Belle would love to see them.

How Can I Help You?

I have always been a hands-on kinda person. And when it comes to shopping here at Bedroom Taboo, I am always happy to help! Whether it is to choose a product, figuring out whether to dress up or down. Or maybe you are in the Adult Industry and need a regular kit sent to you. This is where I am happy to help out. Simply Contact Us with your questions, and let me share with you some insight into the products in-store. Also some of the ‘not so secret’ offers you may not know about. Wink, wink!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be
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Caught March Hare Madness

Bunny Bitmoji

I have said this so many times over the past few weeks and months. But wow! Time is just flying by SUPER QUICK!! How have you been doing so far this year? Able to keep busy? Finally, enjoying the warm change in the weather? I have been basking in the heat when it is around. And the ideas have been flowing fast. But that just means, there is not enough time in the day to get them all out into the world. That isn’t stopping me though.

It’s Crazy!!

Things on my end have just been super busy. And I want the year to slow down just a little bit. Teeny tiny bit! Just so I can get to enjoy myself a little more, as well as have plenty of time to get plans going. There seems to be less time for the ideas in my head to fully flourish. Which would put some people off even thinking about creating ideas let alone trying to plan and eventually execute. Afraid to say, I used to be that said person! But I finally got the motivation to get things down on paper and here are just a few of what has been going on.

Latest Goings On

I have currently been revamping a few things across the website as well as social media profiles. So things are looking as sleek as our catsuits. Better on the body than off!
As well as the latest Sales, New Products and Customer Exclusives added weekly, the newly launched Mystery Gift Boxes are now available for subscription. Get over £50 worth of products every month and enjoy a cheeky surprise at your doorstep. I am expecting these to be a huge hit for those who want to try something new each and every month. So you don’t want to find out that you could have enjoyed that little something that your friend got in their last month’s Mystery Gift Box!

Mystery Gift Box Subscription
Mystery Gift Box Now Available

Taboo Weekly

I have been debating for years to only send emails once a month, Bonanza Newsletter. But many subscribers would comment that they missed out on offers that would show up on the website because they weren’t contacted directly. So I launched Taboo Weekly. A Friday update of the latest sales and new products added to the shop, as well as a weekly “Hello!” in your inbox. So ensure that you have created an account on the website or subscribe to Bonanza Newsletter, we can catch up over a cuppa!

I Thank You

There has been plenty of things keeping me busy. As well as you, the customers, who have been enjoying some of the offers arriving at your door. So I thank you, for keeping me sane and busy during this past year. It has been diffiicult for us all. And ultimately, an ajustment for sure.

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be