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January Monthly Offers 2022

January Monthly Offers

Happy New Year you naughty lot!!
I know, it has been a little while since the last post. But I assure you, there has been more going on behind the scenes than a little! And to say that the holidays were well and truly needed, would be an understatement!
This year is time for reinventing, rejuvenating and room for discovery. So January is the best time to browse our shop and enjoy.
Here is a just taste of our January Monthly Offers 2022.

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October Monthly Offers 2021

Happy Halloween everyone!
Yes, I know it’s not until the end of October… But that just means there is plenty of time to get ready for that epic SpookFest!
Here is a just taste of our October Monthly Offers 2021.

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September Monthly Offers 2021

This month we highlight Sexual Health Awareness Month. Helping you enjoy yourself, safely.
Here is a just taste of our September Monthly Offers 2021.

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August Monthly Offers 2021

For us in the UK, it is officially Summer Holiday! Time to crack open a cold one and bask in the sunshine.
Well… LOL!!
As always, I have been enjoying the sunshine, (when it is here!) and keeping busy with so many customers being super curious. I hope they are happy trying new ideas and toys in the bedroom.
Here is a just taste of our August Monthly Offers 2021.

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Thank Goodness That’s Out The Way

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January Went Quick!

Not entirely sure what happened to January, it went a little too quick personally!! I wonder if it was a blur for you as well as myself. But at least it is done and dusted, onto to bigger and better things.

4 Weeks Of February

So, February is only 4 weeks and I have a feeling will be even quicker than January! Well, I plan it to be.

There are plenty of new products to be added daily to the store as well as Taboo Weekly sent out every Friday. Have you seen the Mystery Gift Box subscription recently added? If you are stuck what to buy, want a surprise, or just a gift for yourself or partner, then this is the gift box for you! Ensure you share them and tag @BedroomTaboo on social media so we can see how much you are enjoying them.

Mystery Gift Box

Engage With Me

Since the latest updates I have found that engagement with you all has increased dramatically! I thank you for that.
Please share with friends and lovers so we can keep growing and share how much enjoyment can be had.

Let’s share the love this Valentines and enjoy those chocolate nipples and willies!

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be