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February Monthly Offers 2020

Time to show and be shown, Love.
This month we are sharing the love that you get to show in and out of the bedroom.
Get to feel the love with our February Monthly Offers 2020.

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February 2019 Monthly Offers

Yippy!! Love is in the air…
And you definitely need to get your partner a lovely gift. How about something you both can enjoy? Or singletons, enjoy more of yourself.
Check out our latest February Monthly Offers and extras on our Facebook Event, get more than your groove on!

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Getting To Know You

So, love is in the air. And you are either going on your first date or the 10th date with your partner. But how well do you want to know them?!
And don’t mean favourite colour or if they scratch their butt all day. To really know them intimately, you should ask some questions.

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Behind The Scenes #01

So here I am wanting to share a little more of what goes on behind the scenes at Bedroom Taboo. Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!

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