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Working Together

Bedroom Taboo has been an avid supporter of Sex Workers and the adult industry. So, we wish to support you in your work by working together.

So enjoy 20% off your essentials* every month or bi-monthly.
Just Contact Us with your business profile along with your order and receive an invoice. Once paid, your order will be on it’s way to you. Discreet and secure.
If you wish to order when you like, create a profile on our website, email your business profile and receive an exclusive code. (Can only be used by selected profiles.)

Let us know if you wish to order regularly, change your order at any time and enjoy peace of mind that you are always ready for work. Rather handy really..!

Also, you can let your fans/clients fund for your toys and lingerie by them sending you an eGift Card.
Share the eGift Card Link, they specify how much they want to send you, tap in your work email and send it straight to you! You can email us with your unique code and email address along with your order. We will send you an invoice with your order and your 20% discount and the redeemed eGift Card. any outstanding balance will require payment before your order can be processed.

Sign up to our #BonanzaNewsletter or follow our blog to keep up with the latest offers. Enjoy even more with your regular order with a new toy or stockings.

*Excludes selected sales, eGift Cards and Party Packs. UK Only.
Feel free to follow us on Twitter and get in touch if you have any questions.
We looking forward to us working together.

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