Autoblow Masturbator AI Ultra


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The new Autoblow Masturbator AI Ultra will pleasantly surprise you with its full-shaft gripping stroker. And delight you with its state-of-the-art video sync technology. Simple and intuitive to use with just 4 big buttons, enjoying this machine right out of the box couldn’t be easier!

The Ultra’s 10 pre-loaded blowjobs each stimulate your penis differently and it even includes an AI blowjob that is different every time it is selected. For those who desire more. Your Ultra will move in sync with our own FREE-to-access library of videos from the hottest amateurs on Pornhub. Plus you’ll enjoy free access to downloadable blowjobs, remote control, and more! With new synced videos uploaded regularly, you’ll never be bored again!

Simple intuitive controls
20-220 strokes per minute
Unlimited free access to online features
Cut or Uncut, it feels great.

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Weight2.30 kg


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