ElectraStim Noir Flexible Electro Urethral Sound 5mm


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ElectraStim Noir Flexible Electro Urethral Sound 5mm.
Are you tempted by the idea of electro-urethral sounding but are new to the world of e-stim and sounds? Or perhaps you’re experienced with sounding but would like to try e-stim?

Designed for easy insertion into the penis, Silicone Urethral sounds gently stretch and stimulate the sensitive urethra. For mind-blowing sensations that can’t be replicated externally. Our silicone Electro Sex Urethral sounds add the extra dimension of electro to the mix for an orgasmic mix of electro and manual stimulation.

Part of our award-winning silicone Noir range, the silicone Electra Sex Urenthal Sounds come in 5mm or 7mm shaft diameters. With a flexible construction that allows for comfortable and gradual insertion. Every 25mm along the shaft we’ve also added a measurement notch to act as a guide and show you exactly how deep you’re playing.

Unlike our uni-polar metal Urethral Sounds, this bi-polar sound can be used by itself without the need for an additional accessory to complete the circuit.

This makes a Silicone sound ideal for first-time users to urethral sounding. Plus they’re available in 5mm or 7mm sizes which are perfect sizes for beginners.

ElectraStim Silicone Urethral Sounds are made from our platinum-cured black conductive silicone, which has a flexible density for the most comfortable play. Our conductive silicone is 100% phthalate-free body-safe and can be fully submersed for cleaning. Please ensure that the end sockets are completely dry before connecting a simulator. We also recommend the use of sterile cleaning wipes on the sound part prior to every use.

Size 5mm x 150mm.

ElectraStim Power Box is sold separately.

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