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Happy 10th Birthday, Bedroom Taboo!!

Holy cow!!! How time flies…
I cannot believe that after all this time, Bedroom Taboo is still knocking about. Who knew!?

Has it really been THAT long!?

I’m not even sad to say, it actually has been 10 whole years. Happy 10th Birthday, Bedroom Taboo!
There have been some struggles along the way, but here it is. Still going! This year has been quite a struggle personally and it has impacted the business. But as always, there is a way to get back on the bandwagon and keep on walking forward. As much as I want to keep going 10,000 miles an hour, I soon realise that it is better to slow down, if not step back completely. Reassess the situation and slowly start again from the bottom. This strategy has really helped to keep Bedroom Taboo going. As well as regain the excitement and passion for my business that I have for all these years. Not to mention, being able to meet great people in this industry. Along with some incredible customers and subscribers that have stuck by for so long.

So, what have you been up to?

Well, I have been finding myself coming up with new ideas for the business. And finding most of them not really working out too well. (Something that businesses don’t talk much about, the failures.) Yes, they sound great in my head. Even when they are being planned out and executed. But when they don’t work? It can be quite a punch to the gut! When you bounce ideas around with a few people and they have the same excitement for it as you do, you think it’s going to be successful. But there is always a minority that will like an idea. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the majority. Which is perfectly normal, honestly. As a small business, it takes a lot to not take it a little personally.

So this is when taking a step back can really help. I look at what has worked and what hasn’t then see how to lean into the successes. Then slowly implementing ideas rather than bombarding myself (and you) with so many great ideas and offers. I know, sometimes there are just too many offers around that it can put you off. But rest assured, there is no such thing as too good of a deal!

Looking forward

This can always be the tricky bit, what’s next?!
I have been wanting to give back to my customers and subscribers. But what?? This is the huge question I have been asking myself for several months now. And so many ideas have been popping up. I don’t want to do as I have always done before and just throw every idea down at once. So I am going to start off slowly. (Well, try to!)

So, as my loyal customer/subscriber, feel free to let me know any ideas that you might have. What would you like to see? I want to make sure that you like what you see and then you can share your excitement for it with others. Word of mouth is the strongest way to grow anything really. Whether it is a business or a friendship. This has always worked for me. So, why stop now?

I thank you, for 10 long years. 😛

Because Pleasure
Shouldn’t Be

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